Singapore Weekend Report - Day 2.5

September 18, 2007

We started out from KL with the 10.45 bus on Thursday night. Many bunches of thanks to Jess and KW for being so nice, sending us to Berjaya Times Square to catch the bus. So here's us on the bus just when the ride started, and then shots of us at the Golden Mile Complex, Beach Road, Singapore where we waited for Diana and Leo, her hubby to pick us up. We were bunking at their place at Pasir Ris for a night.

The next day Diana took us to Vivo City (which is near Sentosa Island) for some walkie-walk and a lil' bit of window shopping (yeah right!). We wandered around most of the outdoor garden/park/splash pool at the rooftop of the building, camwhoring of course with Tin Tin the Snowman and Gambi lookalike characters which were ALL Diana's favourites. Diana was my coursemate when we were studying in uni and she's now happily married to a great fellar and residing in Singapore. I have not seen her for more than 2 years so we had lots of catching up to do.

After all that walking and camwhoring, naturally we became hungry-er and went off looking for food. Luckily, there's a food court just next to the park (sheer stroke of luck I tell you - haha!) and so we went to Food Republic for dunch (dinner + lunch). Check out the food court interior. It's like you're dining at a Shanghai higher class joint and not at one of the most expensive interior decorated food court in Singapore (fun fact by Diana).

We had Singapore's version of Hokkien Mee (yummy!), Herbal chicken, dimsum (which we could order from push carts wandering around the food court, same with drink carts), Pai Tee, Lotus Root Soup and mum of course went for porkies innerparts (euw!).

Oh, forgot to take pics of 2 very interesting drinks we can find here. It's called...


I actually read about this drink in Boss Stewie's blog and only on this trip do I get to finally try these drinks. Honestly, nothing very great la. Just the novelty of having such interesting names. So peeps, be careful what you order for drinks while you're in Singapore yah!

After tummies are all filled up, more camwhoring at the park! ...since it's like, just next door - duh!

The orange 'seat' is actually an orange 'Gambi' character we were sitting on. Slippery surface as we tried to kept our composure - with success! Yay!

Note. The characters were named Gambi by Diana as they look so alike the Gambi character we use to have on teevee. There... the plasticine animated character which can change to many different things. The character was grey but we are so happy to see many colourful Gambi lookalikes at the park!

Then we went to Daisho! It's a 2 Dollar shop in Singapore. It's the same concept as Hinode we find back here in Malaysia but I tell you, the stuff there are way way way better. I spent SGD86 there! Which means it's 43 items. Time spent? Close to almost 3 hours. Phew!

Then we chilled out at Starbucks for a while before leaving Vivo City to the next planned plan. Supposed to take a drive around Clarke Quay and near Fullerton Hotel, but last minute change of plans when Uncle Leong called mum to let her know he's at the airport and so... guess where we headed off to then? Guessed right! We were at Changi Airport in a jiffy!

The next day, Diana and Leo took us to Tampines Mall to have Siu Long Pau for lunch. Yummy! Siu Long Pau are dimsums looking like mini paus but inside it's filled with delicious soup and porkie meat (and crabmeat in some)... I had wantan noodles and mum had duck noodles. Diana had what looks like fishball noodles and I honestly did not notice what Leo had! Hehehe... Sorry. Too busy eating and camfoodwhoring.

Melissa was not with us as she was with her friend Gwen for some hanging out time. Too bad!

So, name of the restaurant is Din Tai Fung and it's on the 2nd floor of Tampines Mall. How to get there? Go look up a map. I simply have no clue! Hehehe... But then, it's Singapore. Just hop onto a MRT and you can somehow end up where you wanna be.

After lunch, Diana and Leo kindly sent us to our hotel booked for that night's stay courtesy of cousin Ling Fung, whose wedding dinner we will be attending that night. Thanks so much Di and Leo for your hospitality during our time with you. Will return the favour when both of you are down in KL next month. Let me see... KFC, Vietnam Kitchen, Marche etc. All planned out for you ledi wan. Hehehe...

Before I end this post, check out the hotel room we stayed for the night! We were booked into Holiday Inn Park View at Havelock Road. It's just a stone throw away from Orchard Road.

Note. After penning all of these down only did I realise that the travelogue is not complete. There are some photos I failed to take at that point of time! Aisehman. Will be improving on that.

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