A Meme from Ms.Reny

September 24, 2007

The punishment for blog-hopping! Terkena Ms. Reny's meme which I simply must do - Hehehe...

5 Things In My Handbag
1. Purse
2. Baby Dopody
3. Notebook
4. Portable hard drive
5. Spectacle case

5 Things In My Purse
1. Money
2. Credit Cards
3. Receipt (which is always thicker than money in my purse)
4. Loyalty cards (Jusco Card, Metrojaya Card, MPH Card, Aussino Card, Real Rewards Card, Leo's Card, Bonuslink Card, etc.)
5. Syillings

5 Things In My Favourite Room
1. My bed
2. My nonsense collections
3. My pillow
4. My books
5. My stuffs (all the other miscellaneous stuffs too many to mention here...)

5 Things You're Wearing Now
1. Undergarments (duh!)
2. Blue uniform blouse (Monday mah!)
3. Black pants
4. Black sandals
5. BUM watch

5 Things I Would Like/Love To Do
1. Go for a holiday
2. Always have money for shopping ~ then can always buy pressies for family and friends
3. Do nothing at all
4. Work on crafts projects
5. Decide what to do with my life

5 Things I'm Currently Doing
1. Doing this meme (double duh!)
2. Listening to Anuar Zain's Teman Terulung (addicted to it ledi ~ check previous post)
3. Facebook-ing
4. Reading The Star Online
5. Erm... working?

5 Friends I'm Tagging (if they come around to reading this la...)
1. Adik
2. Azim
3. She Ling
4. Kak Chik
5. Yin

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