Last Day! Goodbye Singapore!

September 18, 2007

It's our last day here in Singapore. After checking out from the hotel, our hosts, Uncle Sai Hong, Aunty Jillian and Cheh2 Suzanna took us to lunch at --- omigosh! I dunno where la. Just know that the food was soooooo yummy! During lunch, took a lot of photos of my nephew, Ari Xuen. Cute or not?

Occassionally snapped a few on the others lor.

Food also got camwhoring share.

Good food! Good weekend! Good time!

Will be back --- pretty sooner than you may think. Hehehe...

Note. Many thanks again to Jess (who was having a headache) and KW for picking us up in KL when we arrived. Ole-ole will be given when I see you again. Really appreciate your help.

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