Just Another Day

September 06, 2007

Woke up (late but earlier than usual - nothing unusual there).

Drove to work (like... duh?).

Reached office.
Punched in.
Sat down at my cubicle.
Switched on my monitor.
Went to the pantry to make green tea.
Sat down at my cubicle.
Check e-mails/blogs/news.
Got called to usher the media for press conference. (Very fat-burning exercise coz have to go up and down, up and down between 2 floors to usher.)
Had some macaroni, spaghetti, sandwich, coffee.
Usher media up and down, up and down.
Press conference.

Lunch time. Accompanied Ezan to do her nails. Then at Kopitiam Taipan for lunch. Had Nanyang Kopi-O Iced and Ipoh Hor Fun. Ok-lah.

Bought an adapter for Mel's hair straightener. Will experiment tonight.

Back to the office. Prepare car for YKH. Work. Lepak. Work. Goreng pisang panas for tea. Ate some. Work sommore. Toilet. Lepak. Work.

No time to catch up with today's news online and blogs. Technically office was over like 1 hour 20 minutes ago. Here I am writing this before packing up for the day.

Hope tomorrow's as productive as today.


Yeah right!

Lot's of things to do tomorrow.

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