Several Weekends Rants

August 06, 2007

Well, I lapsed a few weekends so here goes.

Weekend before last last last weekend.

Chocolate fondue at home. With strawberries Jessica got for us from her recent trip (well, now is not-so-recent-lah) to Cameron Highlands. Yummy!

Mummy & Melissa (no have me coz me taking photos)

That same weekend, on Saturday after attending a workshop, met up with my ol' pals, formerly known as KC and Althea.

My good friend Althea.

Choosing cutleries - must have same thickness, same length, same everything! And I thought I was bad!

Presenting... formerly known as KC & Althea.

Woo Hoo! These 2 AT LAST decided to get hitched!


Me and the newly crowned Mrs Lim!

Anyways, skipping to the next day (15th July 2007) - Sunday night.

Uncle Sai Hong & Aunty Jillian were down in KL for some EPF thingy to get done, and then of course, the MUST-HAVE trip up to visit Uncle Lim for some angpows - Genting lah...

And naturally, when Uncle & Aunty comes to our place during the weekend, without fail sure take them go chiak lok lok wan. This is in Taipan! The chili sauce is like soooooo spicy but makes you want more! Yummies!

But before Lok Lok, we had a seafood dinner at PJ New Town, then was at Summit USJ - Uncle and Mum wanted to go for a Thai massage. Aunty, Melissa and I jalan-jalan around while waiting for their 1.5 hours massage to be up. At last we sat at the soya bean shop near Subway for some (duh!) soya bean and tong sui.

Then it was off to Taipan Subang for the much awaited lok-lok!


Fast forward to last last weekend. Stayed at home most of the time but then on Sunday night decided to go off to IKEA. To our delight IKEA will be open till 11pm everyday till the 19th August 2007! Yay!

Camwhore at the IKEA Cafe... Jia lat la we all... Hahaha!

OK no more post for this weekend. Told you it was a boring weekend besides having to work on Saturday organising a Badminton Clinic for our staffs children with the National Badminton Coaches, namely Haji Misbun, Rashid Sidek, Yap Kim Hock, Wong Tat Ming, Cheah Soon Kit, Rexy and many many many many many more.

Last weekend.

Friday night. Was at Laundry (reached past midnight) to hang out with Reny and the gang in conjunction with the celebration of Reny's birthday!

The night was pretty happening-lah. Left maybe at about 1.30am.

Talking about birthdays...
We have so many this past few weeks...
Let me list them down...
- Abe
- Adik
- Syami
- Reny

and coming soon!



... in advance!

Oh and before I forget, Faiz flew off to Singapore last night before heading off back to Gold Coast Aussie... bought him TWO bags of different colours but SAME design (dem kiasu the fella) as his birthday and farewell gift. Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! Now me await for me nota riba! Coo! Haha!

OK I wanna stop now coz it's 8.55pm and I am still in the office. Wanna go home liao!

Till me next update!

P/s - Post very short and tunggang-langgang coz I'm a wee bit lazy to write a whole bunch of ah poh stories (due to overdue posts) plus I am anxious to pack and head off home! So whatever I missed - too bad lah!

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