Friday, 24 August 2007

September's Coming...

I'm building up my wishlist for next month...

Anything from the Sylvanian Family range... Nice!

How about this? Would be nice if someone gets this for me ON my birthday as these little dahlings have their own birth certificate. You'll need to buy the doll, stuff in, dress it up and wahlah!
(Hint! Saw this at Parkson Grand Sunway Pyramid!)

This is also cute! It's Russion Dolls, in Disney characters!
(Hint! Saw this at The World of Cartoons, Sunway Pyramid)

Something for baby dopody? my precious!!!

New clothes! Hahaha!
(Hint! Can buy here!)

This part is dedicated to Faiz...
Gonna 'pau' you! Look below... hehehe...


Or this?

I'll update more as the deadline draws nearer... muahahaha!

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Far-East said...

amboooiii! very exclusive wish list dia! ;)

sorry berlori havnt replied ur msgs. been terribly busy sorting things out. sigh.. anyhoots, might b back end o Sept / early Oct. can't set exact date juz yet. org baru start kerja maa, kenot take leave suka2. hik.. will let u know ya! till then, take care n don't work too hard! hehe

p/s: dat Vaio looks darn nice kan? ;p

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