Weekend Report

July 03, 2007

It has been a pretty productive weekend... for me lah at least. Have been pretty 'dead' the previous weekends... Tired brain cells.

Well, weekend started with the Transformers movie, as I had so excitedly and so kiasu-ly posted up almost immediately upon returning home that morning...


As expected, woke up pretty late on Saturday (well, I did sleep at about 4am writing that kiasu piece of blog entry - hehehe). It was almost lunchtime so we decided to cook lunch, instead of the usual tapau. What did we have for lunch that day? Melissa had to go off for some kind of anime event over at Taylor's so we had steam fish and fried egg. Simple and nice.

Here's how the fishy looked like before getting steamed. I forgot to take the "after" picture. Was too hungry to think by then ler...

Then, mum wanted to go do some grocery shopping so we went over to Giant USJ for some buying stuff session.

And we were at the fish section when I saw these fugly things... EUW!!!

Can you guess?

So dear cousin Taha, this is how your UNAGI looks like ALIVE before it getting cooked by the Japanese people... Euw!!!

Look at the heads! Dem geli you know!



This looks so much better! And normal too! Not to mention familiar...

Fishies in almost frozen state.

Then off to the greens! Kulihat Hijau!

That evening, went over to Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPac) in support of the arts.

Image taken from KLPac's website, therefore - not mine.

Meet Joe (not Black) but Joe Hasham and Mano Maniam (my sifoo).

Photo grabbed from The Star Online, therefore - not mine.

Haha! Actually there was this play where my ex-theater instructor (the sifoo) is in and oh well, even though I did not know like 90% of what is happening (I do get the gist of the whole thing though) - it was pretty amazing and was an experience which I have not been able to do for quite some time.

Will be getting more involved in the artsy stuff after this then, hopefully.

Meet Faiz.

I dragged Faiz with me to the play that night for company and he so nicely obliged. It has been ages since we last hung out (hmmm... should be more than a year ledi) so this was a good time to catch up. Well, it was almost 3am when I reached home, so there was definitely a lot of catching up done. Old gossips and new scandals... Hahaha! Plus mentioning a few times about my Haagen Daaz birthday cake he owed me 3 years ago...

OK. So slept late again that night (or should I say, early that morning) - another 4am bedtime...

Woke up at lunctime (hey, it's a Sunday mah). Decided to cook lunch again. Steam fish again but this time, different style. We call this the Teo Chew steam fish. Got a bit of ham choy, sour plum, chicken meat, shitake mushrooms, ginger, spring onion, tomatoes and tauhu smoothered with the fish and then steamed. So yummy!

This is the fish before steaming.

This is the fish ready to be eaten, but not before posing for a shot first. Hehehe... fish also clever wanna camwhore! Hahaha!

These are the rest of our lunch.

Plain fried kuchai flower vege with garlic.

Pan-fried white tauhu with oyster sauce.

All three dishes for a super late Sunday lunch. It was 3pm when we started eating! Hahaha!

Why am I camwhoring my lunches? Coz I am putting the recipes into THIS!

My very own homecooked cookbook! Who is the chef you ask? My mummy of course! Gonna fill 'em up!

That night, went to The Curve. Thought of getting some soil from IKEA but was too late too go buy after dinner (we left home late ma). Decided to take mum to TGI Friday's for mamam.

Took the 3-course meal. But only camwhored the appetisers and desserts. Main meal was forgotten due to some unpleasant customer service. Sigh...

Mum and the Buffalo Chicken Wings. She taking off the fibers from the celery.

Melissa took the Fried Mac and Cheese.

This is her taunting everyone else.

Skipped camwhoring the main meal and went straight to dessert.

This is the famous Mud Pie. Did not do much justice on the taste anyways that night. I've tried better before.

Melissa and her Mud Pie.

Cookies and Cream - the other dessert choice.

After dinner we went to the new donut joint just around the corner from TGI Friday's.

Welcome to Big Apple Donuts and Coffee!

No, I do not get paid for advertising the donuts here. How I wish.

Well, I am not much of a fancy donut person but this is so much better than Dunkin Donuts. Still cannot beat Krispy Kreame though (Yay! Ezan's getting a dozen for me this week! All the way from Jakarta too! Muaks you!)

This is a dozen I got. Some for tomorrow's breakfast and to take to office for colleagues. Me so nice, no?


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