A very productive weekend...

July 09, 2007

I backlogged this entry from the week before last (tipu the date a bit lah).

Friday night. Took mum to Marche's. Had orange juice (yummy!), sauteed mushrooms, lamb chops, pizza, rosti, dan bermacam-macam lagi.

Since mum is aware of my photo and blogging crazy activities, she obliged in many of the first photoshoots (camwhoring la in other words).

Then it's Melissa and my turn pulak!

Anyway, on the 7th July 2007 (Oh wait! Lemme wish Abe a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) - We (as in my family) had to go to Kepong to give "oxygen" to the ol' Iswara. On ventilator liao. Air con from cold to hot. And our regular workshop fella said have to change the ENTIRE compressor?!?!? Like gonna cost us about RM1k ler... Eat grass la this month. So mum asked to call my Uncle Kamal to ask him about it and he asked to go over to his regular guy to get a second opinion. Dem! Missed a chance to join Jessica and her family to Cameron Highlands.

Anyways, was at the workshop look and see (like I know what is happening lah hor). I know how to take photos only la... So you see for yourself and figure out what's happening lor...

After fixing the aircon, went back to Aunty Nab's house at Kampung Melayu Kepong. Mum was there since we reached (so meaning she din follow us to the workshop ler)... Aunty Nab cooked a simple makan of fried bihun and iced drinks. Then - jeng! jeng! jeng! - Uncle Kamal opened a few DURIANS! Ehem... not a few ler... quite a lot lor... Melissa was jumping with joy. She memang mengidam since dunno when... Hahaha!

Let's see what we were up to there that bright and sunny day!

In case we were to city-groomed that we did not know how a durian looks like, here's mummy showing one to us.

Uncle Kamal our official durian opener for the day!

The husks. All the yummy fruit in our tummies.

Here's mummy and Aunty Nab in front of the enchanted tree.

What's that we see growing on the trees? OMG! It's cempedaks lah!!!

A closer look at the magical tree!

So I kow-down to the tree. Must respect mer!

Melissa kow-up! Oh the greatness!

This is Aunty Nab trying to chase away monsters. Haha!

Nolar, she was just plucking some rambutans for us to eat. Oh yummy!

OK. After all the durians and cempedaks and mangosteens and rambutans - we went home lor... with happy tummys... yums!

And then what did we do ler? Sent mummy to work... then Mel and I went home to zzzzz..... Hehehe...

Hmmm... the that night. What did we do hor? Oh - then we went makan and then stayed home... Nice and quiet.

Sunday. Mel and I initially planned to go watch Surf's Up at TGV Sunway Pyramid but because of the queue, aiyoh the thoughts was abandoned almost immediately. So we went shopping instead. Guess what I splurged on ar?



The doll house.

The Japanese set.

This came together with the doll house.

(Will put up my photos when I have taken them. These 4 photos was 'borrowed' from other resources, temporarily. So please dun sue me ar...)

My pocket got huge lubang liao now.

Then I saw this! Arghhh!!!

I want! I want! I want!

Demmit! Kenot step into World of Cartoons liao! Can get so broke!

After that, I saw this also at Parkson pulak!

I like! I like! I like!

First ar, you choose your doll! Or bear! Or monkey!

Then you fill em' up with cotton or whatever filling you want and is available (forgot to take photo of the cotton-filling machine).

Then hor (wahhhhh so cute ler!!! - kenot tahan) you can choose the clothes and shoes (arghhh it is dem cute lah!!!)...

TA-DA! Your softy toy is then born! (psst! got birth certificate also ler)

The many variants...

Adding on to my wishlist! Hehehe...

After all the cute stuff, it was time to balik la. Pokai liao lor! On the way back, stopped by at Jessica's place to get some stuffs from her. She and her family just got home from Cameron Highlands. How nice...

This is what she bought for us. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Enough rantings. Time's up!

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