Life's like that...

July 31, 2007

Yes I know. I have been neglecting my blogging. Well, it's not like I have many avid readers though...

Anyway, pretty busy with work. I have lots of photos to blog about, but I'll skip it for another time I guess.

Just received news today that a good friend of ours just lost his father. So a bunch of us will be paying our last respects tomorrow night (Friday). Sigh...

And also, just read another friend's blog that her mum was recently diagnosed with cancer. Be strong, Fishie! (not linking her in case she minds)

So, in respect, no photos and rantings in this post. My condolences to Kok Kean and his family for their loss, and my encouragement to Fishie and her family. It's all God's will.

Take care friends!

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