Thursday, 7 June 2007

Stupidity Everywhere!

Twitter has really spoilt me. That's one of the reason I am not updating this blog as frequently as I would like to (not that anyone's really reading, judging by the non-existence comments). I can easily project what I'm thinking, how I'm feeling, my frustrations and joy at the exact time, without wasting much time sitting down posting an entry of the month's events.

OK. So for a slightly longer entry update so far.

I am now a proud owner of a Dopod810. I like! First thing's first, after making sure all contacts are intact and properly stored, notes are kept, files are organised and so on - I have been hunting for nice themes online to dress up the screen. There are so many nice ones to choose from that the most ideal is to use ALL the themes at one go - which is quite impossible la. Maybe I should look next for an auto theme changer that will change my theme each time the phone 'wakes up' from deep slumber. That will be so cool right!

This is my screen theme right now. It's titled "Dilbert Stupidity".

OK. To a more recent event.

I was pretty pissed off 2 days back when I found out that someone (he who I will not mention @ HWIWNM) had done right behind me back, but directly in front of me? Does not make sense to you? Nevermind, no point thinking too much trying to understand what I wanna express. Check my TWITTER and you can follow my thoughts and expression on that day.

It all started with an innocent jumble of alphabets into words into sentences into paragraphs (a very long-winded way to say article, or mail, or email, or whatever else lah). Oh, and there were numbers involved as well (which is also part of my pissed off reason).

How do I story this without mentioning the obvious?

Annnywayyy, apparently the numbers were pretty big. Then someone has asked to lessen the numbers. Then HWIWNM clarified his take on that - why why bla bla bla - and implicated me in all the blah-ness. So it looks like now that I'm part of the main reason of the growing numbers (hello-o-o... which I am totally not!). Oh of course I responded with another bunch of alphabets to the someone clarifying my part (not much of a part since I was not involved in the first place!) in that drama minggu ini. Let's just say the whole thing was a dumb-ass thing to do lah. Chinese has this saying I loosely translate to "If you don't talk people won't know you're dumb!". This quote of the day should be implemented. Then HWIWNM will know that all efforts on his part was like almost intelligent... almost...

Double congratulations to NICK! One for being a year older, another for moving a step forward!

Watched Shrek last Thursday. It was good but not as great as the first 2 movies. Maybe the type of jokes are pretty standard and we can more or less expect the kind of jokes they have churned out. Nevertheless, it's very entertaining. You still laugh as hard as the first 2 movies.

See what Stickgal has drawn...

Cute right??? Hehehe...

Anyway, if there's no change in plan, will be watching Shrek 3 again with Nick and Ing Ing at Cineleisure's Cathay Cineplex tomorrow night. Late movie so let's go PARTY after.... hehehe...


However, this movie below...

I am yet to watch. Who wants to join me? Come let's go watch before it finishes its run in the local cinemas...

Next week - making time for...

One is next week and the other, will be the week after - anyone in? Adik?

Nursing my toothache now. But if House is my doctor, he'll probably tell me that I have an infection or maybe a virus or even maybe a tumor in may jaw, since there's no pain coming directly from my tooth. It's all a cover-up. Must investigate further. Wahliau... tokking cock sense pulak... ignore me. It's the Panadol.

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Nik Faris said...

yeah yeah, i will organize for transformers movie outing.

btw, i think i know what you are going through in the office!


p/s: even my blog is now full of office related hate. became a very emotional blog already. aiyah!

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