A Short Entry

June 24, 2007

Well, I have nothing much to write about for the past few days. Been busy tweaking the blog here and there - making it look a wee bit busy. I may have overdone it though.

Anyway, I had 2 Main Grandstand tickets to the Japan GT for this weekend, but since I am not a fan, I generously gave it to a friend who would have enjoyed it much more than I would have.

Meet Nick Tai, a former BG colleague (who will be a former BG employee as well come Monday). See how happy he looks? He was actually home on MC that day but when I told him (chatted with him online) that I am giving him the tickets, he miraculously became better and we met up for dinner that night so that I can pass him the tickets (thanks for dinner, Nick).

I can imagine his face when he see all the Japanese chicks fluttering around with their painted faces and small outfits. Hehehe... Hope you had fun, Nick.

A colleague of mine was there, outside the circuit for a drift competition. I was told he did not win but there's always the next time to make it big! "Kah Yau! Kah Yau!"

Hmmm... what else? I guess that's it. Now to continue Grey's Anatomy. Sush! Don't kacau!

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