Thursday, 24 May 2007

I Am Converting...

This is the Dopod 810.

This is the Dopod 838Pro. See? Got slider wan.

I am planning to convert myself to be a pda-phone user. The kiasu bug has finally and seriously caught up with me. I have been obsessing about dopods the entire day today! Demmit!

Price wise?
810 is several hundreds cheaper than the 838Pro. And the 810 is the latest in the market compared with the 838Pro.

Why I like 810?
It's smaller, cuter and overall nicer. Plus I know 2 people in the past month who has gotten theirs. There is also a GPS function, good for people like me who don't know Jalan Tun Razak to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

What about the 838Pro?
I like the slider keypad. It reminds me of the gadgets I see in teen flicks (usually acted by Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan where they have this phone / messaging gadget thing)...

What are people saying?
A lot of my friends are asking me to go for the 810. Seems that the 838Pro has a wee bit of problem. Not very sure what the problem is though.

Final decision?
I will have to consult my 'sponser' on the budget first. But at the moment I am leaning more towards the 810. Hopefully I can get to use it real real real soon. Yes... yes... I am very very much obsessed right now.

I really hope my D500C won't suddenly die or decided to die on me soon. I have a history of phone disasters whenever even a thought of getting a new phone pops into my head.

Will update you guys when I get it... IF and WHEN I get it la...


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