Monday, 14 May 2007

Saying Good Night to Jakarta...

The Indonesia Open ended spectacularly. Malaysia had 2 representatives who were in the Finals, in the Men's Singles - Lee Chong Wei and also the Men's Doubles - Mohd Zakry---Mohd Fairuzizuan (surprise! surprise!). As you may know by now, Lee Chong Wei walked away with USD20,000 as well as the Indonesia Open's Men's Singles title, beating China's No.2 world ranking player, Bao.

Our Men's Doubles were not champions in their category, but they still walked away with USD10,000 after they were beaten by China's World No.1 ranking pair, Fu and Cai. This Chinese pair has beaten 3 of Malaysian's men's doubles players, LeeWW-ChongTF , KooKK-TanBH and of course, also the second runner up, Zakry-Fairuz.

It has been a wonderful and enjoyable week. A new experience altogether. My first time to Indonesia.

Well, this will be my last night logging on from Le Meridien, Jakarta. I have yet to take interesting photos of myself and the city just yet, hope that I can cram some shots tomorrow before I leave for the airport. Most of my photos are of the badminton players as well as the games at the Istora Gelora Bung Karno stadium.

Sigh, my regret was that I did not have the proper time to go sightseeing as well as to do some local shopping. If I ever do get souvenirs, please note that it has all been bought on my last day in Jakarta, either someplace before I leave for the airport, or at the airport itself. If there's no souvenirs for you, then sorry... I did not have the time to get any ler... Maybe next time...

OK. Scoot. I need to pack. How I'm going to keep my luggage below the weight limit allowed will be a miracle!

So, hope to see some of you back home soon!

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