Hello from Jakarta!

May 09, 2007

Hey there... logging on from my Le Meridien hotel room in Jakarta!

Left KLIA last Friday for Jakarta to prepare for a cocktail event in conjunction for the upcoming Indonesia Open. Pretty successful! You know, this is my very FIRST time that I get to go down the escalator and go through the customs in KLIA??? Dem sad right! Usually I send people off to catch their flight. This time it was ME! Woohoo! Congratulations to me!

I was told at the last minute that I have to go to Jakarta with another 3 of my colleagues to prepare for the event and be involved with the Indonesia Open after that. Initially I was not going you see. So, with me no passport, rushed like mad woman to go make my passport. The weekend before that, was accompanying the badminton players on a convoy while they were on their way down to Singapore for the Singapore Open. Didn't go into Singapore tho... just till Johor Bahru. That was Sunday. Monday only travelled back to the office. Reached in the afternoon and after that rushed myself to the Immigration Office in Shah Alam to make passport. DEMMIT! After lining up in the hot stuffy and smelly corridor, was told inside later that the Q number are all out! I was like FUMING at that time. Plus was tired and the immigration officer there who told me to come back on Thursday morning to Q all over again WAS NOT helping my frustration! Tuesday and Wednesday was a public holiday for Labour's Day and Wesak Day which was why I was told to come back on Thursday.

So called up my colleague to vent out my frustrations and she told me to go to Damansara Heights office to do my passport. It was like 3pm at that time so I was thinking... what the heck! Just go lar (even tho I was not sure of the roads and exact location). While was driving there, my colleague called again and told me that there's an Immigration office in Terminal 2 Subang Airport so I quickly headed there. Lined up and got into the line. When my turn came, the officer took my application and stamped something on my paper. Then I was told the numbers are also all out but the action of the office to stamp my form with Thursday date kinda cooled my fumes (he said to book Thursday slot - which I later felt did not make a difference coz I still need to line-up on Thursday right) - but then, at least I felt a bit more consoled. Whatever la har... all is over and done with. I will not need to deal with Immigration for another 5 years! Woohoo! Oh, and did I forgot to mention that the RM300 fee for passport was paid by company! Double Woohoo for ME! Hehehe... Oh, and guess who I met there? My primary school teacher's hubby (who recognised my mum - who followed me to renew her passport) - talk about a small world right!

Anyway, here I am going into my 6th day in Jakarta. Did not move around much yet because of work, but I hope to do some exploring the next few days. Scheduled to be back in Malaysia next Monday but will also depend on the badminton players. If none are in the finals, then we have to go back earlier. I hope at least ONE gets into the finals. Then I get to explore more of Jakarta! Hehehe...

Jakarta - what about the city? First of all, the roads are sooper-dooper jammed up! Worst that KL! God! And the drivers here are more ganas than KL drivers! I take back my statement that if you can drive in KL, you can drive anywhere! Now I am saying that - if you can drive in Jakarta, KL is like a piece of cake!!! Then you can see the many things people here can do to earn a few bucks. There is this rule here that on certain times, cars less than 3 people are not allowed to use the main highway to the city. So you can see people waiting just before the turning to hike and make the amount to total up to 3 people. They charge about Rp.5000 (about RM2) per ride one way and jumps off at the end of the highway. And so the cycle continues. Cigarettes are sold in many stalls set up on the sidewalks and also people carrying trays selling cigarettes. And people just sell pots and plants by the roadside! Dem cool man! Macam-macam la!

OK. My subscription time for internet is almost up soon. Need to wrap this up. Will update more soon (hopefully-lah) when I am here and also hope I can take more photos of the trip rather than work related. Hehehe...

Have fun people!

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