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April 20, 2007

OK. I know I have been blardey lazy to blog recently. I have lots to talk about but if I am to start blogging - must have FULL concentration, then decide what photos to put up etc etc.

But even though I have not been blogging, I still go to my bookmarked blog list which I visit daily. Check out the screenshot of my bookmarked list, hehehe. It's all on RSS so I'll know who has been updating their blogs (thanks to Kenny who shared this bit of knowledge when I was reading one of his entries).

There are some new blogs I'm reading now. Adding to the long list I already have. Hehehe... just recently (like yesterday...) I started reading Nicole's blog (courtesy of Kenny again!) and have not stopped since (I'm reading my way backwards - helps a lot especially on a Friday! hehehe)... Oh just like about 5.15pm today, I have yet a new blog to read. Blogger is one of my colleague here. It's gonna be a busy blog reading weekend for me...

Anyway, here's a sketchy update of what I have been up to recently...

Just got myself a bit more involved that just the website. So now my world is over and beyond webbies only, even though it's still my main job function. I came back on Monday from Johor Bahru for the Asian Badminton Championship 2007. Besides making sure things are in order, promote the upcoming World Badminton Championship and having fun, that was basically just it. Hehehe... And it was fun. A new experience. Plus I get to sit in ALL the games (phew!)... from the quarter finals right up to the finals on Sunday.

Other than that, work is back as usual. The occasional updates I need to do on the webbie. The planning I think I should really start on for the new webbie. The paperwork I now must do because of my new involvement. The new things I will be learning up soon, when I get the chance... I'm beginning to enjoy my work, except for the occassional downtimes ler, which we normally get at times...

Right - Change topic!


I have not watched much movies recently. One was last month. I dragged Nick and Ing Ing to the cinema to watch "Mukhsin", the latest movie from Yasmin Ahmad. The original plan was to watch a "Mukhsin", but was later changed to a chinese movie (which I could not recall the name right now)... but then got back to watching "Mukhsin" coz even though the chinese movie was listed online, there was no ticket sales for that movie in the cinema (TGV's system kinda sux now). So back to the story. Dragged Nick and Ing Ing to watch "Mukhsin" and my guess is that they have enjoyed it kua... Whateverla, "Mukhsin" was a touching enough till I had tears in my eyes... (at some point lah, of course not the entire movie ler).

Just few days back watched "Jangan Pandang Belakang", a local horror movie directed by Ahmad Idham. The movie's main cast are Pierre Andre and Intan Ladyana. The movie was pretty convincing, and I admit that it was quite good, although there are parts which can be improved. Now mind you, I'm not a particular fan of horror movies but what the heck! I do go watch if the crowd is fine and the sien-ness is there. Hehehe... if you know me too well, I was watching the movie behind my shawl most of the time! Haha!

You know what? This makes like the 3rd Malay movie this year that I have watched. Topped all the Hollywood and Chinese movie (I have not watched a chinese movie in the cinema for a super duper long time liao)... The other movie, "Cinta" was also one of the best Malay movies I have seen.

Ahhh... too many interruptions while I'm writing all this down. My drawers came at last (Yippi!), Si Faiz ni tempting me with a trip to Semporna and Sipadan and Rainforest Music Festival (so wanna!)... and the occasional impromptu discussion with boss.

OKlah. It's a Friday! What the heck am I doing in the office sommore ler?

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