Monday, 19 March 2007

Happenings CNY Onwards

Ah! I'm back! How have you peeps been? I have been super lazy since CNY. Ate too much, moved to little. So what has been happening? Read on...


Happy Chinese New Year!
GONG XI FA CAI to all (though it's a a wee bit too late la now - hehehe...)

CNY Eve - Left home at about 4am in the morning, with no sleep at all the night before. Thought can beat the usual festive jam la but then ar... woah! Just after the Guthrie exit, the jam was slowed down for 4 hours ALL the way till Lembah Beringin. It was like sitting in a KL jam but on the expressway - not very express after all. What could take me about 2.5 hours to reach my destination, took me more than 5 hours! Luckily my woogies were a dear and so good in the car, plus they just never cease to entertain us, when we were all sleepy, crawling in the jam.

My relatives from Singapore leh, lagi la kesian. They were on the road for 12 HOURS! Reached just in time for our prayers to Ah Kong at the temple and then for dinner. Left Singapore at 7am, reached Teluk Intan 7pm. Sit in the car until the behind also 'sui' liao lor...

Chinese New Year as usual, was kinda eventful. Ang Pows were collected (I consider this my Annual Bonus - hihihi!), food were eaten, relationships were rekindled (coz we seldom see each other on other times). This year will be sort of the last year for my cousin Ling Fung, as she will be getting htched this September, thus her next CNY may most likely be at her hubby's side liao lor. Korum getting less n less ler... - but in a good way lah hor (I guess)...

By Monday, most of us were already heading back home. I followed Uncle & Aunty Teja back to Bukit Merah, a stop before we proceed to Penang the next day. Oh yah. Prince (my aunt's woogie) BIT ME! Wah!!! My entire hand was in his mouth! So sakit ler!

So not a good year to start! Now I have 2 'holes' on my palm. It's healing but the mark is still there! Sigh...

Plans were full the next day in Penang. Reached in time for lunch (Aunty Pat cooked... erm...) and after a short nap, we went over to Queensbay Mall over at Bayan Lepas area. It's a new mall, a mix between One Utama and Mid Valley. Traffic jam to the car park reminded me of the one time I went to Mid Vally during the Christmas Eve. Cannot move! Was stuck in the line for more than half hour (MDV it was more than an hour!) before we went another round and finally found a parking spot. Did I buy anything? Of course ler... like you dunno me well enough. Hehehe... Bought the Buy 2 Free 1 book selection there. Have yet to read them as I just bought the plastic wrapper to wrap the books before reading them. I must wrap new books in plastic before the 'opening ceremony'... I'm so the weird I know...

Dinner was at a hawker's centre somewhere nearby. After dinner Mum, Melissa and I went over to jalan-jalan at the Batu Feringghi Night Market. Sole purpose is to look for d**s (sensored for my safety - hahaha!). Then walked on and bought a necklace as a gift for a friend. Nice!

Lunch the next day was quite a fancy affair. See Kor Poh (my 4th Grand Aunt) treated us to a Yee Sang lunch (sadly, this was my only yee sang this year...) at the Tanjung Club near my uncle's place. Food was yummy and it was nice to see See Kor Poh laughing and enjoying herself as well. Later that evening we all left for Bukit Merah again to stay another night before leaving for home the following day.

It was already Friday when we reach home shweet home. Very tired (as I was doing all the driving) but pretty satisfied that I managed to kill so many birds with one stone, in a week. Just made a dent to my remaining annual leave. Sigh...

Photos? Got! Here! (Pardon for not having so many la hor...)

Anyway, I know it's a wee bit too late but what the heck!

GONG XI FA CAI! Oink! Oink!

MARCH 2007

2nd March 2007 - "JackHitam" session (not so safe to mention it straightforward ler - nanti kena shave botak! hehehe...) with Leticia, Tjun Hong, Yee Koy, Chee Keong and Tze Han at Yee Koy's place. No photos. Too busy making dough! Hahaha!

3rd March 2007

Ohhh! My cousin's friend got 3 free tickets worth RM153 to Lee Hom's Heroes of Earth concert! Since it was pretty last minute to call anyone, I dragged my mum and Melissa with me to watch the show. Very the FUN! And he's sooooo cute! Also very the yao yeng! Since cameras were banned I only managed to take a few shots with my not so dahsyat camera phone. I need to get a slim on which can fit into my pocket (or panties - whichever is safer and more convenient - hahaha!).

Wang Lee Hom's Heroes of Earth Concert

9th March 2007 - Malacca Trip

Noler. Not really a holiday but was at Malacca to attend my looommate's wedding dinner there! It has been yeeeaaarrrsss since we all last met. It was also a chance for me and Mei Fong to actually catch up after so many year of MIA's - and also Chong Weng Tat - the busy man... Shir Ling was also there (of course mer). The rest? My surprise to see Sek Hai there. It really has been a long time har... Anyway, photos! You can view them at my Picasa Web Album.

Oh yah hor... I also got story to tell for this Malacca Trip. I spent the whole night before picking out an outfit, matching accessories, necklaces, earrings and all, shoes etc and the next day, after passing the tol gate, my mum suddenly asked if I brought my dinner outfit! Arghhh! I left them hanging on a hanger behind my room door! Dem sien. Nearly wanted to turn back home to get them but haiyoh, next turnoff is Putrajaya which is like half hour away, which means I will waste like an hour or more to collect the dem clothes. So, when mum suggested... "Aiyah, go Malacca then buy new ones la..." - I decided to drive on and do just that!

Reached Malacca, checked in to Fenix Inn and then dashed off to Mahkota Parade nearby to look for a new outfit for dinner. Mind you, I do not have the supermodel figure to be able to slip into anything simple. Since I was "full figure" and plus plus, it was quite a hassle trying to find a suitable outfit with an acceptable price tag. Haiyoh! Like entering competiton only, the way I was dashing in and out of the fitting room trying out all kind of outfits. Who says shopping don't burn calories? Hahaha! Oklah, at last managed to find a suitable and appropriate outfit for dinner. Dashed back to the inn to shower and change before my ride comes.

Dinner was a simple affair. Wendy and Jacky had their dinner in a Chinese restaurant somewhere nearby the inn I was staying. Don't know where and even the name as the restaurant. I just followed the flow... Hehehe...

Actually, dinner was pretty weird for me la. This is the first time I attend a wedding dinner with peddlars coming up to the place selling tomorrow's newspaper and also social welfare tickets (lottery tickets ler)... It's like you're sitting in a coffeeshop and all these people move table to table selling their stuffs ler... Maybe it's a small town thing. I should have just bought a pair of jeans and a simple blouse! Duh!

Wedding of Jacky & Wendy

Anyway, to my Looomaaate! and Jacky... CONGRATULATIONS! and have a GREAT life ahead TOGETHER! Yuuum Seeeng to Mr & Mrs Jacky Toh!

Cari Menantu @ TV9

2 of my classmates are one of the the final 3 couples in line for the Grand Prize. I think it's a Chevrolet car as well as a honeymoon package to Turkey. Both bride and groom were my secondary school classmates. Cupi (manja name for Lotfi) and Sarah (maduuu...) are in the running for the Grand Prize. Their engagement party 'programme' was last week, 15th March 2007. Nikah will be on the 29th March 2007 and then the bersanding will be on the 31st March 2007 - and I'm invited! Dem honoured OK! Hehehe...

Will update you if there's anything interesting, next month yah (assuming that I'm kan lek enough to update duh!) hehehe... If not, tune in to TV9 to follow the show. Who knows - you may be able to see me amongst the crowd! Hehehe.

What else is happening (or gonna happen)?

Oh yah!

So looking forward to my Pulau Perhentian trip coming August! Just confirmed the AirAsia flight! Woohoo! Where am I staying? Well, that's another story!

OK. OK. I'm off! Gonna stop blabbering for now.

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