No Pain No Gain!

September 11, 2006

I've been lazy. Tired and lazy to update my posts. Things have been hectic the last few weeks. Situation at work is not to my liking, nor what I foresee in my future career path, but it's the job, and no matter how much I don't like it, it's something which needs to be done. Sigh... I sincerely hope what I am pursuing for comes through. The earliest I see this happening will be sometime next year, end March or early April the earliest. I still don't get it! Why put people in positions that can be filled with a more qualified and experience individual instead of someone who obviously is like fish out of water and out of the league. After working for nearly 5 years, I should think that I am sure enough to decide what my career path is going to be like. And clearly, this is not it. I have a choice. Stay or resign. Honestly, I don't see a reason for me to resign just yet as my experience and skill set is very much required, but will be appreciated more in another department. And I'm stuck here unable to move because the big boss does not want anyone to be transferred out of the department. And besides that, I have my responsibilities and commitments. Not a good time to just pick up and leave. So, to stay? Sigh... Well, I'll just wait and see...

Besides work, I have also been busy getting my new house ready to be moved into. My 2 cousins were down since Wednesday to help us paint and get the house ready. I have been helping out with the painting after work, since Thursday. Saturday, went to IKEA to get some more furniture. Got my MELDAL Day Bed, Melissa's MALM Chest of Drawers and also mum and my PAX Wardobe. Plus some more of the small stuffs which we need. The bill? Don't ask! The most we have ever spend in IKEA. Burn a hole right through my handbag into my pocket and scalded my skin! Ouch!

She Ling was back to Malaysia for two weeks. She flew back yesterday. I know she has been busy with her wedding preparations all the time that she has been back but thanks gal for creating time in your busy schedule to meet up with your old pals, catching up with news and how-do-you-do's!

Yes. Things have been pretty busy. Expect less posts for the time being while I get my life and me-time back together again.

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