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February 09, 2007


Sorry for the M-I-A period of time. I have no excuses, just simply lazy! Hehehe!

Brief updates of major happenings in my life since October 2006... if you're interested la...

8 October 2006, Sunday

The day where I officially started to move to my new home. Today's the day where all the big and huge furnitures goes from the old place to the new one. Hard work, I tell you. I think I lost few kilos that day only. As of now, all my fats have returned... Hehehe... Thanks ever so much to my friends who came to help; Tze Han who helped me borrow a lorry for free plus a free loan of his good self as a mover; Ing Ing who looks much much tougher than you may think; Abang Izal who is da'man! (also kesian coz' it was the fasting month); Jessica (who got so excited being up the lorry!) and KW (so sorry for the finger accident!) and one of Melissa's CF pal, Aoi! ... who was... hmmm... the last to leave? Overall it was very very very very very very tiring day for all of us. Kesian Tze Han coz he was to drive to JB that night to attend a meeting the following morning. But then I know who I can count on when I need to move... again! Hehehe... Thanks to you ALL!

I'm still un-packing my stuff from various paper bags and boxes. I used to keep lots of stuffs stored in boxes, waiting for just this reason (a new place) to be taken out of storage. I then realise that I do not have enough shelves and caibinets to store ALL of my stuffs. So sadly, some are still in storage. I'm trying to find a way to convert my so-called balcony to a lepak and/or storage space. But first, need to put up curtains and somewhat plan the decor of the area. It's small - but cosy! Yummy!

November 2006
Nope. Nothing significantly big or important happened...

18 December 2006, Monday
As of today, the 3 of us (Abe, Kevin and I) has been officially transferred to Group Corporate Communications. So looks like all's well in the end after all.

Or is it? Only time will tell...

23 December 2006, Saturday

My humble abode became much warmer and cosier as well as friendlier with my friends and family attending the simple housewarming I organised in a short time. Ordered chicken wings, currypuffs, kuih serimuka, kuih lapis, sate, chocolate brownies and of course not to forget - a sweet flowing CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN !!! For that we prepared marshmallows, strawberries, and bananas. YUMMY! I'm sure everyone enjoyed it very very much! Thank you all for attending... always welcoming my place here for gatherings so people - plan something!

December was also the month my 3rd Grand Aunt (Sar Koh Poh) came from Perth to stay with us for a month. She went up earlier to Penang, following my uncle and aunt who was down in KL one weekend for a Treasure Hunt event. So she was in Penang for about 3 weeks before we went up to Penang to bring her back here to KL, and at the same time visited my 4th Grand Aunt (See Kor Poh) who is residing in Penang as well. In fact, she now stays with the very same uncle and aunt! Hehehe... Save so much travelling time...

It's the Christmas month as well. Had a sooper dooper blast in IKEA with all the funky stuffs the sell. Decorative items, gift boxes, wrappers, ribbons etc. I have a weird fondness of all these stuffs. So if my presents to you come in a very Christmas-sy look and feel... you'll know why then.

30 December 2006, Saturday
CONGRATULATIONS to Yee Koy and his newly wedded wife on your wedding! Held at Concorde Hotel, KL and attended by family and friends, it's bound to be one of your most memorable day in your life!

1 January 2007, Monday


Taikors arranging tiles...

Bluehhh! Tic Tac Toe shots of Vodka Coke...

Travelled to Penang today after having a twister fun on the eve with Leticia, Tjun Hong and Isyam (my cousin) playing drinking Tic Tac Toe and of course, Twister! Tze Han, Chee Keong were taikors playing mahjong in bathrobes, together with ... erm... (aiseh... forgot his name again - please someone refresh my memory can). All this fun was at the Sheraton Hotel, Subang where except me and Isyam, the rest bunked the night over. Left the place at about 4am and drove home, then left home again (without sleeping, after a cold bath) at about 6am for Penang. After many stops for coffee and toilet breaks (more for washing face breaks), reached Penang at nearly 2pm. This must be the longest ever travel time taken to reach Penang (on my record la at least!)... Then, konk-ed for the rest of the evening! Haha!

While in Penang, of course without fail I went searching for Assam Laksa among the most wanted food. Seems to me I'm always hungry when I'm in Penang. Forever munching and eating. Visited the Batu Feringghi night market and bought quite a lot of stuff there. You will be surprised that even though the night market is mainly meant for tourists, the things there are pretty cheap! I bought lots of DeeVeeDeeS costing much less that what Tze Han pays for in JB, a very creative-looking 'tanglung' shaped like a star for RM10, 3 pretty necklaces costing RM20 each (before you start commenting that it's expensive, let me let you know that for the very same item in KL, the price ranges from RM40 to RM80 or even higher, per piece!), also bought table runners costing RM10 each, and wine bottle 'clothes' at RM10 for 3. It's just like Petaling Street, minus all the cut throat price range.

Oh yes, it was also Wei Seng and See Yee's wedding dinner (or was it luncheon) today so to the newly-weds, CONGRATULATIONS!

14 January 2007, Sunday
Another wedding! This time it's my primary school classmate, Kel-Synn's big day! CONGRATULATIONS! Wedding dinner was held at Tai Thong Restaurant in Puchong. Got karaoke and all you know!

21 January 2007, Sunday
Very beeeg deal this day. It's my good friend She Ling and her new husband, Xiao Song's big day! Their wedding dinner was held at Shangri-La Hotel, KL with 99 tables! Very the big deal dong! Check out some shots I took that night.

Apache gang clockwise from left - Joan, Ganesan, Ryan, Me, Ken & Wife, Lau, William, Kok Kean, Sam.

BG pals clockwise from left - Leong, xxx, Nick, xxx, Chee, San, Me, Ing Ing, xxx.

Apache gang again clockwise from left - Jessica, Lau, Ryan, Ken & Wife, William, Joekie, Kok Kean, Sam, Siew Yeong & Hubby, Me.

BG gang again clockwise from left - Me, Choo, Joan, Ing Ing, Chee Song, Nick, Leong.

The radiant bride!

With Ing Ing

With Ing Ing and San

With Jessica and KW

The Wedding of Xiao Song & She Ling

Till the next post... Cheers!

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