Redang Reminiscence

August 30, 2006

It's been a couple of weeks ago since my Redang holidays. It was nice to have Leong (the organiser) inviting me to join them on this trip. Did not really know who the participants were yet at that time but at least I knew that there was gonna to be a few familiar faces coming along. So now, an almost full report of the 3 days 2 nights trip. Read on if you're not afraid to be bored...

I was all hyped up 2 weeks before the trip. If I'm on your YM or MSN list, then you may have noticed how "beachy" I was! Hehehe... And so I was so very in the "beachy" mood! A holiday means shopping to get prepared! Went round looking for an affordable swimsuit so that I can frolick in the water without damaging my expensive lingerie. Also got some bright coloured shirts and even a "flowery" hair clip to complete the look! Fashionable beach sandles was also in my list! And at last, I got 2!!! Hahaha!

Picked Ing Ing up from her place on Saturday evening to spend a night at my place thta night. I was running errands the whole day and for the past week so I actually have not started packing yet. Only bits and pieces of packing done. I seriously started packing at 12 midnight, lugging out my duffel and finalising my wardrobe for the trip. I finished packing about 3am. Could not sleep as my mind was always thinking of things I might leave behind etc. (I actually forgot to bring along my beach bag... sigh...) so, always waking up now and then to pack and repack and unpack some of my stuffs. After some time, at last, zzzzzzzzzz...
Waking Up
I was just about to enjoy my dream when the alarm rang, waking me up from my almost-deep slumber. I cannot remember waking up this early for so long! It was not even 5am! Imagine the amount of sleep I got that morning! Anyway, by 5.15am, was up and about and on our way to Megan's house in USJ14 as her hubby was kind enough to sacrifice his Sunday morning and drive us all down to LCCT to catch our AirAsia flight. It was about 6.30am when we reached LCCT and waited for the rest. Checked in and soon was up in the plane. This was my first time flying on AirAsia so was a bit the jakun la now and then. My last flight was 10 years ago when my parents booked me a flight to Penang to collect my SPM results. So obvious the double jakun la there... Hahaha!

Reached Kuala Terengganu about 9am. The bus transfer to the jetty was already waiting for us. Travelled through town from the airport to the jetty, with some interesting sights on the way. Leong was busy clicking away with his trusted camera, capturing everything worth taking. The rest of us were chatting and laying back. Soon we reached the jetty, got our boarding passes but aisehman, have to wait for an hour for the ferry. Luckily there was an air-conditioned waiting lounge for customers. While waiting, Ing Ing, Nick and I went out looking for bottles of mineral water and some Coca-Cola.

After boat transfers and delays, it was nearly 1pm when we reached Redang. Checked into the rooms, short briefing and then it was lunch time! We were so hungry by then! After lunch, rested awhile in the room, freshened up and lepak-ed till it was time for snorkeling time at 3pm. We got our snorkelling gear and after a few tips from the master, we were all shoo-ed off to the waiting boats which will be taking us to the snorkelling spot. Sea was a bit rough that day so we had to change location from the intended spot. Once we were there, everyone jumped into the water. I was being berani-berani takut la when I put on my life jacket and snorkeling mask and then proceeded to go down into the water. But... OH-NO! Kenot la... My phobia for water kicked in and soon I was panicking in the water. The funny thing was, while everyone's head was above and legs in the water, mine was the total opposite. My head kept on getting in the water and legs flying in the air. Not even 10 minutes in the water I was already gasping to go up back to the boat. Lucky Nick and Leong were there to guide and swim me back to the boat. Thank alot guys! So sorry to Ing Ing if I nearly pulled you down with me (:P). I then spent the rest of the time taking photos of all the snorkellers. From where I was snapping, it was like Titanic survivors scattered in sea.

Evening. After some nice hot red bean "tong sui" for tea, it was BEACH time! This time I have no phobia. Why? I've since concluded that as long as my feet touches the ground, I'm safe. You plonk me right in the middle of the huge sea and you can see me jumping like a jellybean in the water. I enjoyed my "canda-canda" by the seaside (humming into the old tune of "Bercanda di Pasiran Pantai" by Sudirman), playing the waves and trying to keep balance when a sudden strong wave tries to push me off my feet.

We walked around the area after dinner, exploring the few shops there. At the beach a disco was being set up. Soon, it was blasting and you can see somebodies groovy to the music. But, it was not the young people boogy-ing to the music. You can see all the aunties and uncles dancing on the sandy platform under the disco lights to some oldie tunes. We, the young 'uns watched in amusement the dancing going on. As the night goes on, the songs became more "happening". By then, we have left the beach and was playing fussball and then pool by the bar. We all then adjourn back to the room for a few 'last' round of "choy tai ti"... and then... good night...

I did not wake up to wait and gaze at the sun rising. But Ing Ing, Nick and Leong did. Later on Ing Ing told me it was too cloudy to see the sun so to me... Phew! I'm glad I stayed longer in bed catching up my lost sleep. Hehehe... Anyway, after breakfast, we mulled around the beach and then went back to the room to get ready for another snorkelling trip to the Marine Park.

Nick dreams of Hawaii...
Ing Ing making sure fishes at the Marine Park are not starving.

Marine Park

We reached the Marine Park at about 11am. There were so many snorkellers floating around on the water surface. But today, no snorkelling for me. I sat under the trees and read my Nisha Minhas book (and was auto-designated as the bag keeper... Haha!). Was reading for awhile, then the laughter and sounds provoked me to go round taking some photos. So I got up and about to take photos till Ing Ing came back up from the water. I then went to the jetty to continue taking photos especially of the fishes there and also of the snorkellers I know... :D hehehe... Ing Ing then joined us at the jetty where she and Megan went into the water to feed the fishes. Photos are up in my Fotopages. You can see baby sea turtles there as well. So cute! I'm thinking of my cousin Sui Ann who will freak out in excitement when she sees them... hehehe...

Cute baby sea turtles at the conservatory.

Marine Park - Fishes in clear water.

More More Tea Inn
After the Marine Park, lunch and a nice long cold shower, Ing Ing and I went over to the shady part of the beach to hang out (literally) on the hammock there. I took out my book and continued reading. Ing Ing took a short nap. I can see Nick lounging under the hot sun at the beach... and then in the water rushing into the waves... Later on, Ing Ing and I visited the "More More Tea Inn", a bright pink and blue house near Laguna Redang which was once used in a Hong Kong movie, "Summer Holiday" and is now a souvenier shop for Laguna Redang. Bought souveniers there for my office people (yes guys, the souvenier was really purchased in Redang lah...). It's not cheap but what the heck, I like giving souveniers to my office people, a way to thank them for covering my work when I'm not in the office... hehehe... Also bought something for mum which I hoped she would like (and yes, she did like it... hehehe...) and something for me as well la (I also need a souvenier for myself to remember this trip and the "More More Tea Inn")... hehehe! Woo hoo!

The Beach
We were all down by the beach after tea. Last evening to play the waves. All of us were there in the water except Megan. Hehehe... She already showered and changed into fresh clothes so, no more water play... Hehehe... Nick was already at the beach sunbathing since lunch and by the time we got down, he was lobster red... hehehe...

Bacardi Coke
Drank Bacardi that night. Got drunk. Still sane. Stumbled and fell into bed.

Wooziness and nausea hit me when I awoke the next morning. My first hangover. I woke up, get ready to go for breakfast, lined up for food and as soon as I was about to get some food, passed my bowl to Ing Ing, took the room key and walked back (dizzily) to the room to get to bed and sleep off the nausea-ness. Felt better when I woke up much later on and packed my bags. It was check-out time soon!

We had lunch at the "Summer Palace" restaurant at the resort. Ordered Pineapple Fried Rice at first but then decided that in my current condition, the high possibilty of throwing up is very high. So I cancelled my order and went over to the Pattiseria next door and ordered coffee and toast. Then I bought a box of travel sickness pills to ensure that I won't start throwing up on the journey back later on.

Loitered about the reception and area, taking photos and killing time. Soon it was time to leave the island. Sigh... It was fun while it lasted.

The gang from left - Ing Ing, Me, Megan, Sui Sin, Yong, Leong and Nick.

On a last note, it was nice making new friends in this trip. Glad to have met you, Sui Sin, Yong and Megan. To them and the others, Nick, Ing Ing and Leong... WE HAD A BLAST! DIDN'T WE! Hehehe...

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