Friday, 30 June 2006

To Papa with Love

Papa Ho

I miss your presence,
Wishing you were here;
But because of your cancer,
You can no longer be near.

The past years without you,
Everything's going pretty well;
There's a new house we bought,
The current one, we will sell.

Mummy's doing fine,
She's doing quite good;
But as you know sometimes,
She blows steam off her hood.

Melissa just started college,
A new chapter in her life;
Journalism's her dream,
Taking the world in a rife.

As for me you should know,
That you need not worry;
I'm trying to handle things,
Yup, all the fancy and flurry.

This you will never read,
But I'm sure you'll know how I feel;
Sentiments from me to you,
With thoughts of love I seal.

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