Friday, 30 June 2006

Melissa My Sister

The Sister!

You came when I was seven,
And how I always wonder;
With all the fights we have,
We still can stand each other.

But there's times you make me smile,
Also grinning ear to ear;
And I know I can count on you,
Whenever I need you here.

I tell you most of my secrets,
My hopes and dreams too;
Coz' I know you'll pray for me,
For all my wishes to come true.

Having you as my sister,
A sister I love and care;
If you ever need a helping hand,
Count on me and I'll sure be there.


*+*Mystical+Angel*+* said...

To the dear sis of mine
Thank you for everything
You sure do treat me fine
I know I can count on you for anything

You made me laugh when I was down
And hugged me close when I cried
You asked what's wrong when you see me frown
You held me close with all your might

So thank you sister dear
For being there for me
You helped me as I helped you
And I'm glad to have you as a sis to me


michelleho said...

hahahaha... sweet...

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