Friday, 30 June 2006

Man's Best Friend - Nikki & Bobbi

Nikki Ho

Our first four-legged pal,
A vision white as snow;
We named her Nikki,
Taught her things she should know.

She was a playful puppy,
That we all can see;
Now a faithful friend,
As loyal as she can be.

Bobbie Ho

Then another came home,
A cheeky little bugger;
A fat little doggie,
Always chewing on leather.

Bobbi is the name we gave,
And brown is his colour;
He never fails to entertain you,
Whenever you're under the weather.

Both "woogies" are family,
Loved and cherished together;
Whatever happens whatever not,
We will all have each other.

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*+*Mystical+Angel*+* said...

Nikie is adorable,
Bobbie is a monkey,
Nikie loves to be loved,
Bobbie is naughty,
Nikie is jealous,
Bobbie is loving,
Nikie is solemn,
Bobbie is lazy,
But no matter how they are,
I love those two dogs =]

hahaha stupid poem....

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