June 19, 2006

Satria Neo - Desire Has A New Name

At last! The new Proton Satria Neo was launched last Friday! Have you checked them out? I went to the showroom near my house on Friday night (CoE has too many people...) and checked them out. Pretty cool! If I don't have so may loans hanging on to my paycheck, I may consider getting one... Well, anyone looking to change car between the RM43k - RM55k, 1.3 /1.6 range, maybe can consider. Go on to the showroom and ask for test drive! Anyway, here's photos of how the car looks like (if you have not seen it ler...) at the minisite, www.satrianeo.com.my

I'm halfway through my "Ghost Whisperer". Next up will be "Supernatural"... In the meantime, CSI will be on my list as well... Have to go watch Cars, Superman and what else is there showing in cinemas now? Over The Hedge is no longer showing isit in cinemas? Missed that one! Nevermind-la... alternatives.... alternatives...

Mum signed renovation works with a contractor last week. So that will start soon. If all goes well, then can start packing soon... Lots of rubbish needs to be thrown... some may need to be left behind... Not sure what yet, but if anyone wants a 3-tier bookcase/rack, let me know and I'll spare some for you... still in good condition... colour is teal blue... looks very good with my bright green bedroom walls... Oh and I have a computer table which I think needs to be given away... very very very good condition... only it's a bit dusty... if my mum or sis does not want it then I will want to give it away... no point keeping it... What else? Hmmm... I want to give/sell off my bed (bottom queen, up single - double deck bed) but my mum may want to keep it... If not, then that will have to go as well... If possible, my new room will have a new bed (from IKEA), wardrobe (from IKEA), chest of drawers (from IKEA) and misc things... working hard to get extra cash for these new things... sigh... I've already measured and arranged my 'future room'... hehehe... dem kiasu man... kah kah kah...

Can't wait to move in!!!

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