Flashbacks and Memories...

May 05, 2006

Wow! It's more than a month since my last entry. And of course many things have happened since then. Some nice and some not.

Mum & I at Genting

Went to Genting sometime back. My Aunt and Uncle from Singapore who booked a package inclusive of transport and room, invited my mum to join them. Since Melissa is working part time promoting Alicafe at that time (She stopped end of April 2006), I accompanied mum up to Genting instead. I drove mum and myself to Serdang to my cousin's place so that he can drop us off at the Serdang KTM Komuter station (He's accompanying my sister at home with another cousin that night - KL now not so safe). Mum and I took a train to KL Sentral and then from there got a taxi to go straight up to Genting. Won some, lost some. Actually my modal was only RM50 but I played till my credit was more than RM250. Then greedy-lah (while waiting for my mum to finish playing) - went and play sommore and lost till my credit came to RM100. Nevermind la. At least won RM50. Can last me a week's lunch! Hehehe...

The next day had to rush back down to Bukit Jalil as I already bought Disney On Ice tickets before the Genting plan came up. Watched with my sister, Jess and KW. It was very entertaining. Couldn't help myself when I walked in and saw all the Disney characters on sale so I bought a Mrs Potts plushie (from the movie Beauty and the Beast), using RM25 of my winnings from Genting... Hehehe... Fun! Fun! Fun!

In loving memories...
On a more somber note. Just recently we lost a very dear friend of our family. Miss Poh was a very close friend to my Grand Aunt in Penang, being bestest friends since their teaching days. Both Miss Poh and my Grand Aunt did not marry, and because of that too, their special bond of friendship is so strong that we all accepted Miss Poh as one of our own family, and vice versa.

Miss Poh has dedicated all her life to good causes. She was an educator. She was the principal of the Phor Tay Chinese School for several years. She was a very charitable individual. She was... there are too many things, good things to be said about her. Miss Poh then was awarded with a recognition and many then knows her as Dato' Poh Cheng Hee. However, she remained the humble and kind person whom she was. She continues to dedicate her life to charity, donating to various temples and old folks home, schools, orphanages and many more.

She was the matriarch of her family. Everyone loves and respects her, me included. I am grateful that I came to know such an honourable person in my life. And I am happy that my Grand Aunt has the best friend she could ever had in her life. May she rest in peace and God Bless!

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