What has been going on?

March 14, 2006

Bobbi & Nikki

Wow! The world has been crazy lately!

Let's see what I shall go on and on and on and on about...

Just lately, 2 people I know have had their cars damaged when a brief but angry storm, stormed (pun not intended) into the wakes of Subang and Sunway residents. I was in a meeting at that time so I was not aware of how bad the storm was till Joan suddenly buzzed me that night and told me about it... then I recall that I could hear the strong winds and rain even when I was sitting in a glass wall-ed conference room in the middle of the office building. Must have been some storm! Anyway, hope that MPSJ will reimburse your claims on the damages done by the storm, Chee and Shee Hooi (and hubby)... I guess it can be a pain doing a lot of running around to settle this...

What else hmmm???

Melissa started a part time job in Billion Taman Sri Muda as a Power Root promoter... giving out Tongkat Ali Coffee etc. for sample drinking. So for the strong young guys (and they have Kacip Fatimah for you gals)... come on over, try try drink drink and then buy buy... hehehe... give my sister some sales la yah so that she can belanja me watch Disney on Ice... hahaha!

The new house is in between paperwork now. Got a housing loan (not the one we wanted but 2nd choice is not too bad-lah), signed the Sales and Purchase Agreement with the lawyers etc., so it should be about 3-4 months before the house can be officially called OURS... hehehe... soon have to start thinking about renovations to add on house grills, do the lights, install airconds, extend the back a little bit to convert it to a wet kitchen, and also... plan my room! Yay! I can actually now redecorate my room the way I want it! (withing my budget also-lah)... but if some few kind souls wanna buy me wardrobes and bed well, I welcome the 'gifts' hehehe... let me flip the IKEA catalog and let you know the page yah! Hahaha!!!

Photo of my 2 doggies as usual (I think people is getting sick of my face! Hahaha!)... Just took the photos an hour ago and let me tell you, it's damn difficult to make them sit still for a simple photoshoot! Sigh... managed to get some cute ones anyway and posting the cutest here to my humble opinion... Then was playing around with my new Photoshop brushes and 'wallah'... created my own frame! Hahaha! Not superb work-lah but hahaha... ok wat...

OK-lah... I better go to bed soon! Got work to do in the office tomorrow and it's already 3am here... Watching the movie "Ghost" while I'm typing this... since I watched the movie before it will not matter if I go to bed like in the middle of the show (duh! I already know the ending!) Haha!


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