Down Memory Lane

March 21, 2006

It has been a fast but slow week.

Went to Malacca last Saturday. Melissa went for some kind of Anime Convention in MMU Melaka, and since mum was mentioning so many timesabout the dimsum shop near my previous place there, we decided to make a one day trip down to the historical city and check out if it's still there, and if it's just as nice and cheap as before!

Wow! Reaching MMU (it has been 7 years since I left the Malacca campus)... I had almost no idea how to move around there. The main gate was not where I remembered it. The entire front where the gate used to face the main road is now all apartments, mainly catering for students will be my guess... Had to go round back looking for the gate. Even the traffic and the landscape in the campus changed, some to make way for new buildings, some to ease the traffic flow. Had a glimpse of my old dorm, my old faculty building, old food court, old Student Council building... lucky the field stayed put! Hehehe... Sigh... those were the good old days...

Anyway, to get back to the story (and step away from Memory Lane - at least for now)... after dropping Melissa in the MMU campus, off we went looking for the dimsum shop. Those days when I was studying in the Malacca campus, when my parents and sister comes down to visit, we will usually go yumcha in this dimsum shop. It's yummy and cheap. So, manage to find it! Yups! It's still there. My mum was so excited! Haha! Had 'pai kuat' (there are 2 kinds), 'siew mai' and mum had 'kai kiok' and also Hong Kong chee cheong fun! All in all we had 11 of the mini plates of dimsum, 2 plates of chee cheong fun, and a pot of small chinese tea with ice cubes... and the bill came up less than RM25! Don't you think it's cheap? Eating the same amount in KL will come up more than double that price sometimes, depending where you go to. Anywhere in KL/PJ that has nice dimsum? I usually go to the one in SS2 and also Sri Petaling.

After stomach was 'fuel-ed' up, off we went and kai-kai... People who knows me well will know that I can walk for hours and hours when it comes to flea markets and shopping centres... Hahaha!!! So off we went to Bandar Hilir where most of the historical buildings are. Because it has been some time since I was last in Malacca, roads change and I got lost a few times looking for the roads to get to Bandar Hilir. I almost ended up in Muar! Hahaha! Lucky I realised my mistake (roads totally not familiar) and made several u-turns looking for the right roads. The road signs are mad! I was following the direction to either "Bandar Hilir" or "Pusat Bandar"... after some time that sign went missing and then have other places' name! No continuity at all! How not get lost -lah!

Anyway, cutting my long story short, at last reached Bandar Hilir through a totally different direction from my usual route, through Melaka Raya. Parked my car somewhere near the Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial, paid RM2 (how CHEAP!) for a whole days' parking and started my adventure! Hehehe! Went up St. Paul's Hill... looked at graves and then went back down. Actually visited these places so many times but somehow still a must-go when I come back.

Next was the handicraft marketplace. It has shifted and damn... it was HOT! The stuffs are more pricey so I just look see look see -lah... There are less stalls now compared to the last time... it has more than half of what you see now those days. And I prefer the setting up of the stalls the last time, feels much more homey. Now it's all cement and zink.

Nothing much interesting at the handicraft market, so proceeded to Mahkota Parade. Ahhh... bliss! Air-conditioning! The place has flourished since I last saw it (obviously!). Those days Mahkota Parade was almost as dead as Summit if it were not for Parkson and the cinema there. Now, better shops for a different kind of market compared to the last time. What did I buy here? Hehehe! Got-lah!

Had coffee at Starbucks. Then, to a place I was looking forward to. Jonker's Street! Drove there cause it's a bit too far for my mum to walk. Parked the car and started walking...

I lurrrvvveee Jonker's Street! So many knick-knacks and stuffs to see! Lots of things to buy! Did not buy anything but head already planning to get this and that for the new house! Hahaha! Will definately make another trip down here soon! (... and without my mum, so that I won't hear her nagging when I buy stuffs! Hahaha!) So anyone wants to join me? Hehehe!

Managed to find the famous Chicken Rice Ball dish (don't know if it's the famous place though...) Quite normal la for me. Nothing to hoo-haa about... It's just another shape and form of rice to be eaten with chicken! Hehe! No biggie!

Left Malacca at about 11.30pm (went shopping some more after dinner mah, and Jusco closed at 11pm... hehehe...)

OK. Time for bed. I think I have rambled on and on and on enough to last the last few entries I missed! Good night! erm... morning liao leh... hehehe...

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