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February 14, 2006

Apache's CNY Steamboat Dinner 2006
The KB Gang for the annual CNY makan2

It has been a long time since I blogged in here. Many things have happened during my online silence...

My cousin arrived and left, with stories which I do not want to repeat here. Sigh... Then Chinese New Year came and left ever so quickly... my one week break dissolving like smoke. I took 2 days off to complete a week of break. Went to Teluk Intan for the Chinese New Year (and got the famous Chee Cheong Fun for She Ling and Jess)... The highway on the eve to Teluk Intan was a NIGHTMARE!!! 2 plus hours just from Kota Damansara right up to the Rawang R&R... Plus, my 2 doggies was in the car. Nikki was a good girl, sleeping and enjoying her car ride but Bobbi! My god! He was fidgety ever since he stepped into the car. Front and back front and back he was always moving to and fro... At time, he tried taking over the wheel! Haha! Just joking! Suddenly, a most powerful gas exploded! Bobbi farted! And then drops of gold starting to spurt out of his being... on my mother's lap! Mum struck GOLD! Lucky she had a towel on her lap at that time to capture the gold droppings! All this happened rights in the middle of the 2 hour jam TOO! Hahaha! Bobbi finally relieved himself when we stopped at the Rawang R&R... in the middle of the road! Once again my mum had to pick up gold droppings! Hahaha! Overall, fun ride! One I will not forget! Hahaha! Spent few days in Teluk Intan for the New Year and then head off to Bukit Merah on the 3rd day of CNY. Stayed there for a few nights. Made our dutily visit to papa's side of family and 4th grand aunt. Collected some ang paus while we were there too (hehehe...) so it was not too bad eh? Hahaha!

Met up with She Ling before she left for Sydney the next night and that was where she announced her upcoming wedding! CONGRATULATIONS! Finally! Both of them moving on to a different path of their lives! Well, I'm here if you need any help. Just holler and I'll help whatever I can! For you? Anything! Hahaha!

Just a few nights back met up with some ex-Krisbiz pals for dinner. Those who made it was Siew Yeong, Sam, William and Siew Onn, Joekie, Ganesan, Heng Chuen, Kok Kean, Jessica and Kel Wyn and of course... me-lah! The reason you don't see me up there was because I am the artist behind the camera! Hahaha! Decided on a steamboat dinner this year as it was easier to make arrangements and not depend on head counts when booking a place for dinner. Next year if everyone can give me an earlier date, will try to organise a better one. May have to start thinking of ideas now! Infodata pals, am I not invited to your yearly gatherings? Hehehe... I'll organise one for you guys next year! But I will need an assistant la! Hehehe...

Anyway, I think I've bombed too much stories in one entry. Hope I can make this habit more regular so that I will not go on and on and on and on and on about my bored and mundane life...

Take care and HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY to EVERYONE! Any dinner offers for tonight? Hahaha! 

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