Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Quick Labour's Day Break : Part 1

Note: This post has been in "draft" for like 2 months. Insanely duh.
Yes. Yes. I'm like 2.5 months late posting this... Been busy...

So the story is this.

Late April early May this year (yes still within the same year *sarcasm), I made a quick trip with Boo and some of our pals to Boracay.

Flight was a new route Air Asia introduced to Kalibo Airport. It's slightly more direct than flying to Clark, Manila and then another flight transfer to Caticlan Airport.

All aboard! All excited!

We were all hyped up and super excited for this long-awaited beach holiday. I was told (proir this trip) that this was a (cheaper) alternative to Maldives. Hmmm... Let's see shall we...

So, we arrived Kalibo airport and had to take a 2 hours (or was it 1 hour) land transfer to the jetty. At the Caticlan jetty we had to take a ferry transfer to get onto the island.

This was the view that greeted us!

Beautiful! Right? Right?

So, by the time we arrived it was fast approaching sunset. We decided to take it easy (we will be there for 5 days anyway yay!) and took our time getting to our resort, checking in, freshened up and rested a bit before our tummies insisted we go look for dinner.

What did we ended up having as our first meal?

Yellow Cab Pizza!!!
Haha! At least it's not McDonalds (inside joke).

Liked the way they served the pizza.

After dinner, we decided to walk a little bit and explore one side of the beach. So we walked along, met lotsa pedlars, people selling water activities packages (we were looking for a snorkeling and island hopping package), angmoh guy with beagle (inside story), and also quirky and interesting things like this...

Sand castle?

This was done very nicely but you will be charged if you wanna take a photo of it or with it. Managed to sneak a couple of shots before I realised that. Whoops!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Salmon Sashimi Poster Girl

As declared by Mama D!

Went for a round of salmon sashimi with the usual suspects, minus a few. The salmon was ordered enough for 8 pax but between the 5 of us, we cleaned it all up! Not bad for 1.5 kg of yummy raw salmon!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year peeps!

Oh wait. Hold on. Is it May Already?!? (Omigosh!)


Was so busy did not even notice time flies... real fast! Been an eventful start of the year so far.

Random holiday morning where I wake up super early (even earlier than when I'm supposed to go to work!) coz someone had to leave town to head down South for whole lot of fun (jealous mode on) and I thought might as well catch up with my HKD drama which I missed out for almost and entire month!

Going to have some salmon sashimi goodness later (oh nyums!). Lemme show you what I mean!

Oh nomnomnom...

Quick updates (wanna catch a few winks before salmon time!)

February was tulips for Valentine! Had a quiet day. Lepak-ed and had a simple teocheow porridge for dinner.

Yay! Tulips!

 March was mostly work. Don't wanna post here.

 April was pretty eventful. Started with a 3 year anniversary dinner at Marinis!

Yummers (but super mahal) dinner at Marinis!

Then... decided to "reward" myself with...

The portable instax printer!

We also did a baby shower for a friend (popped a cute baby girl already!)

Pink for girl!

And... a much long awaited beach holiday (Now I can wear the flip-flops Pandora charm!)... This was a beach in Kuantan when I was waaaaaaay younger...

A younger me...

And now, upgraded (a bit lah) to...

BORACAY! Best beach holiday ever!
Not that I have been to many beaches... But first time out of the country beach lah...

Hmmm... ok... blog updated. Now I'm gonna zzz for a bit before salmon time! Toodooloos!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Here's to a Happy New Year to Everyone!

In the spirit of Chinese New Year... here's wishing everyone (this wish is also meant to tempias to everyone I know but who don't know me and everyone I don't know but knows me) a super duper Happy New Year!

Monday, 28 October 2013

September and October Stories

Yeah, I know. I have not been blogging for months! So since I'll be back to work tomorrow after a two week hiatus, getting the "work-wagon" moving in preparation to more work tomorrow! Meh...

So, let me first entertain you with my woogie antics I managed to catch on camera...

Woogie love...


Mel's friend introduced her to this awesome place selling fresh imported fish and also serves salmon sashimi, to eat in or take away! Problem of having it there is, the shop does not have a sitting space so customers who pre-order will need to look for a place to sit outside (sharing with the chinese coffee shop customers) and order a drink or two from the coffee shop, let the salmon shop know and they will bring over the salmon sashimi platter, complete with wasabi and chopsticks! So yummy!

This platter was for 6 people! All gone in 10-15 mins!
Yums... Need to do this again! Soon!

About a week plus before our Bali trip, he got an email from the bride telling everyone that there is a theme colour for her wedding! OMG! I always like to try to dress up as I can to the theme so I was stressing myself out to get an Emerald Green dress within my budget, body shape and good material. Tough especially when the colour is not in season, and my body shape is not the standard mannequin measurement so lots of dresses looks like a sack on me (meh).

Finally, after long and many many hours of dress-shopping, finally shortlisted to these 2 dresses!

Emerald Green dinner dress

So the story was, was randomly walking in Debenhams, Starhill looking for a dress and stumbled on the one on the right. A floral design with emerald green still on it. Loved the long flare skirt and somehow the design and cutting of this dress suits me perfectly. But, price tag was an "ouch" for my wallet. He loved this dress too and offered to buy this for my birthday present (what?!? no!) but I decided to go around some more and look for other (and cheaper) option. So, the next few days saw the green dress on the left at 1/3 of price of the the former dress. OK. Just need to go get some ehem corset coz the material super clings to every curve and spare tyre on my body. Meh. So, he got this dress for me. And it's not gonna be my birthday present (hahaha).

Our Bali Trip - This was his first time and my second time to Bali. He says he wanna do this every year. I'm fine with that idea :)

The 101 Legian - booked via Groupon

Coconut at Tanah Lot, while waiting for the sunset

Amused with this dog chilling on the sand at Tanah Lot

The tide was low at Tanah Lot

Me with him and Mini UJ at Tanah Lot

Our first dinner in Bali at The Kopi Pot, Kuta

He wanted to soak in some Bali culture,
so watched the Barong dance on our way to Ubud

Stone sculpting, pit stop on our way to Ubud

Was waiting to try this again, and he gave this a thumbs up!
Babi Guling Ibu Oka, Ubud for lunch

Dinner was grilled duck and smoked chicken at
Bebek Tepi Sawah, Ubud

Yes - succumbed into buying this expensive dress for myself!

Main reason we came to Bali was to attend the wedding in Uluwatu

My (impromptu) lobster birthday dinner at Jimbaran

So, some snapshots of our activities in Bali. There were a bit more shopping and monkeys involved, and also temples but was too busy with the monkeys to Instagram them :)

After a long day at work, TWG tea after dinner to wind things down

And then, it's back to work. Sigh.


The story goes on that 2 weeks after we came back from Bali, I had to go off-work again, but this time not for a jolly holiday instead I got infected with dengue fever. I was down with sudden super high fever one night and the concerned BF insisted that I go to the ER the next day. The doctor listened to my story and ordered up a blood test for viral and also dengue fever.

Blood test ER day 1

The viral test result came back negative, but took a while for the dengue test results to come back so we went home first. He called up the clinic that evening for the results but somehow they could not get back to us then and so he called again the next morning. Clinic asks to come back for another blood test coz the results came back with dengue detected.

Blood test ER day 2

Doc says I have dengue fever but my condition was still mild enough to not get admitted just yet so I was allowed to go home first, to come back for another round of blood test in two days time. Got an MC for the week so had to skip the company's team building (apparently I did not miss much anyway) and was out of commission in bed for the next few days.

Friski Ho - my companion at home

The next visit to the ER for my blood test finally got me admitted into the hospital. My blood pressure that day particularly was super low and the platelet count dropped further.

Thus, the story of my virginal stay in the hospital.

UJ my loyal companion in the ward

Was in the hospital for four days. Luckily my dengue fever was not very serious and I did not get all the usual symptoms like scarred rashes, nausea, vomiting etc so I was thankful for that. Just did lotsa eat, sleep, tv, sleep and more sleep. Thanks to my friends and family who visited, and the BF for sleeping over on the last night to keep me company :)

UJ was glad to see me discharged

Daily blood test needles and my arms now looks bruised

My doctor gave me another week of MC to recuperate at home. So my woogies were my daily companion during this time.

Woogie love!

During my down time at home, had to go tapau lunch on my own (no hospital food service meh) but tried to cook dinner for myself and also sis and the BF every evening to keep me busy. There were only two occassion when I cooked for more than one person. The other times I did a simple stir fried kangkung with white rice just for myself.

Steamed tofu and stir fried chives

Salted fish fried bean sprouts and asam pedas fish - nyums

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My Crafty Side

Was thinking, since I now occasionally work on craft stuff and my hands for random events, parties, occasions, etc - decided to create an entire new blog dedicated to the love or arts and crafts.

So here it is...

Come visit and have a look. Qwerk your comments. Let me know what you think. Share ideas.

Who knows, one day this may be able to provide me with a happy income.

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