A Quick Labour's Day Break

August 20, 2014

Note: This post has been in "draft" for like 2 months. Insanely duh.
Yes. Yes. I'm like 2.5 months late posting this... Been busy...

So the story is this.

Late April early May this year (yes still within the same year *sarcasm), I made a quick trip with Boo and some of our pals to Boracay.

Flight was a new route Air Asia introduced to Kalibo Airport. It's slightly more direct than flying to Clark, Manila and then another flight transfer to Caticlan Airport.

All aboard! All excited!

We were all hyped up and super excited for this long-awaited beach holiday. I was told (proir this trip) that this was a (cheaper) alternative to Maldives. Hmmm... Let's see shall we...

So, we arrived Kalibo airport and had to take a 2 hours (or was it 1 hour) land transfer to the jetty. At the Caticlan jetty we had to take a ferry transfer to get onto the island.

This was the view that greeted us!

Beautiful! Right? Right?

So, by the time we arrived it was fast approaching sunset. We decided to take it easy (we will be there for 5 days anyway yay!) and took our time getting to our resort, checking in, freshened up and rested a bit before our tummies insisted we go look for dinner.

What did we ended up having as our first meal?

Yellow Cab Pizza!!!
Haha! At least it's not McDonalds (inside joke).

Liked the way they served the pizza.

After dinner, we decided to walk a little bit and explore one side of the beach. So we walked along, met lotsa pedlars, people selling water activities packages (we were looking for a snorkeling and island hopping package), angmoh guy with beagle (inside story), and also quirky and interesting things like this...

Sand castle?

This was done very nicely but you will be charged if you wanna take a photo of it or with it. Managed to sneak a couple of shots before I realised that. Whoops!


The Salmon Sashimi Poster Girl

May 14, 2014

As declared by Mama D!

Went for a round of salmon sashimi with the usual suspects, minus a few. The salmon was ordered enough for 8 pax but between the 5 of us, we cleaned it all up! Not bad for 1.5 kg of yummy raw salmon!